Tom Bonte

Director at Beursschouwburg
Tom Bonte (1977) is the general and artistic director of art center Beursschouwburg in Brussels. He studied Art History at the KU Leuven. He previously worked at the Antwerp deSingel arts center and as a programmer performing arts at art center Vooruit.

I Fail Good is his first program as director of the Beursschouwburg. With I Fail Good the Beursschouwburg brings two months long an ode to the failure. We open a window in an uncertain world, where all the weak, failed and dysfunctional being feted as an opportunity. Where artists themselves prepare a trap that they voluntarily walk in themselves afterwards. And we, at the end of the ride, find what we were not looking.

I Fail Good combines performance and theater performances, lectures and debates, concerts, exhibits, film and video screenings. The program runs until November 24. More info at: 

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Photo courtesy of Morgane Delfosse
I Fail Good
A Focus on failure.
exhibition, performance, film, music


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