Katleen De Stobbeleir

professor in HR Management & Leadership at Vlerick Business School

1.  Education

Katleen holds a Master in Organizational Psychology and a PhD in Applied Economics from the Ghent University. She also studied at the Ross School of Business in the United States. She also followed several specialized trainings in coaching and leadership development and is a certified trainer and consultant in the MBTI, Investors in People and Great Place to Work.

2.   Main professional Activities

Katleen is a professor in Human Resources Management & Leadership at Vlerick Business School, who teaches HR and Leadership to our masters students, MBA students and in our company specific programmes. She is also responsible for a Research Centre in Leadership Development and Coaching, a centre that develops tools and conducts applied research to leadership trends and coaching. One of the instruments developed in the centre is a 360° Feedback Instrument. She is also active as an executive coach and a certified consultant in Investors in People and Great Place to Work.

3.   Teaching

Katleen teaches leadership, social skills and feedback skills in the open enrolment and company specific programmes at Vlerick Business School, and this for a diverse set of audiences, ranging from masters students, junior managers and middle managers to HR responsibles, engineers and even medical doctors.

4.   Research

Katleen’s research focuses on proactivity, leadership, coaching, feedback processes and creativity in organizations. Her research has been published in several international journals and books and she is also one of the very few Belgians who was able to publish her work in the renowned Academy of Management Journal. Katleen De Stobbeleir is professor at Vlerick Business School. She is also active within the Flanders DC knowledge centre.

5.   International experience

Katleen loves to work with international groups and multinational companies and has build a track record teaching in Europe, the US and Russia. She also has travelled through big parts of Europe, Asia, South-America and Africa.


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