Jan Verheyen

Film director

Jan Verheyen (1963) is one of our most famous film directors. He willingly expresses his vision and opinion with eloquence and a strong sense of humor. With ten full-length films on his roll of honor, Jan Verheyen has become a real symbol for the Flemish media landscape. Also as a TV host and organizer he has been more than brilliant. In 2003, VTM attracted Jan Verheyen to become their program director in collaboration with Bert Geenen. Together they provided the channel with a real facelift. After 18 months their collaboration went wrong and came to an end.

In 2010 Verheyen made his voice heard with his call to vote for the N-VA as part of the elections on June 13th. As a member of the “Gravensteengroep”, Verheyen is very much affected by the range of Flemish ideas, unlike many Flemish artists. The members of this group start from different political and ideological points of view, but find each other in their preoccupation that reasonable, just Flemish demands are linked time and again to the extreme right.

Jan Verheyen is full of capacities, being eloquent, extremely humoristic and from time to time even controversial. If you want to be introduced to the magic world of film or hear a strong- minded vision of an artist on politics or the cultural elite, then you will surely be enchanted by this speaker.

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