Filip Maertens

Founder at Argus Labs
Filip Maertens is a passionate tech entrepreneur from Belgium with a edge for machine learning, sensor fusion, robotics and mobile technology. He is considered an expert in cyber-security, startups and mobile technologies.

He started his first venture at the age of 18, and has exited two startups ever since. He has been living in the US and Middle East and has a keen interest in cultural differences in startup communities.

He is the Founder of the Antwerp based startup Argus Labs, known for building the Jini mobile app that uses sensor fusion and machine learning to transform your smart-phone into a smart-agent.

As a public speaker, he is often asked to share his vision at conferences related to startups and new technologies, such as the International Congress of Enterpreneurship, TEDx and many more.

He is author of various hacking tools, and holder of patent no. EU 1,693,993 describing a collective, opportunistic and sensor-based recommendation system.

As a technology advisor, he only handles a limited number of exclusive clients in Europe and the Middle East.

Filip considers himself a transhumanist and firmly believes that humans must be upgraded with smart-technologies. He can't wait to live with robots, and improve his body with bionic parts.

He consider a first wave of innovation to be the transformation of smart-phones into smart-agents.

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