Corinne Reynders

Project Coordinator second chance entrepreneurship, Tussenstap

"Is There Anybody Out There?"

Over the last 2 years, Corinne has been a coordinator for the “ renewed entrepreneurship” project and as such has become very familiar with the consequences of business failures. In this way she has acquired a clear insight of all hurdles which may lead to recovery. Corinne is working for Tussenstap, a division of Zenitor VZW. The Tussenstap division offers practical advice to businesses that are facing difficulties and offers guidance during the crucial phase of failure.

Tussenstap is a promoter of this European Flemish subsidized project, and offers assistance to failed entrepreneurs to re-organize their activities and help to pick up their professional life after business failure. This has led to the publication of the book entitled “Renewed Entrepreneurship – Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall.”

In collaboration with her team she guided more than 280 failed entrepreneurs to a reasonably new

It was Corinne’s proposal to paint a picture on how life can be after a business failure. One aspect of the campaign is about informing the policymakers about the causes and frequency of business failures, combined with a strong plead for better facilities on the way to recovery.

Corinne is a certified coach, mediator and trainer. Her particular expertise lies within the area of coaching and advising of entrepreneurs.


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