Fail Conference updated!

Monday, 17 September, 2012 - 11:30

Everybody has a right to fail. This is the quintessential message of the speakers on the Fail Conference. Your failure does not have to be the end of the world, it could rather be an important lesson on how to enter it. If you combine falling with resurrection, your story becomes kind of heroic. These epic stories will be told at the Fail Conference.

During September, we weekly post a short video with the Fail Conference Speakers, giving them a chance to reveal their vision. You can see them all at work on the 6th of November.


David Feinleib, author of the book ‘Why Startups Fail; And How Yours Can Succeed’, explains how you can turn a failure into the better for your startup. Kindly enough, he also tells you how to avoid failure in the history of your startup.

Frank Bekkers, CEO at Mobile Vikings, the amazingly fast increasing mobile internet provider, is already caught on tape. By way of encore, we made it possible for you to ask questions via Twitter. Just use our account @failcon12 or hashtags: #askDavid or #askFrank.

Director Jan Verheyen has had his fair share of failure and turned it into success. Jan Verheyen is full of capacities, being eloquent, extremely humoristic and from time to time even controversial. If you want to be introduced to the magic world of film or hear a strong-minded vision of an artist on politics or the cultural elite, then you will surely be enchanted by this speaker.

 We also would like to announce that the Fail Conference program is fully booked. Starring, amongst others, Dominique Monami, former Belgian pro tennis player, and Guillaume Van der Stighelen, co-founder of the well-known advertising agency Duval Guillaume.