Right Brain Interface

Bahlu is a new TV experience platform, finally integrating internet and television in one intuitive navigation experience. Bahlu combines a rights-friendly cloud-DVR platform with a relaxing “right-brain” social interface – the result is truly groundbreaking. Bahlu allows consumers to quickly and easily select television, movie and internet content they love without having to navigate content they dislike. Right Brain markets Bahlu to consumers; uniquely preserving existing pay and advertisement TV business models, while unlocking new growth opportunities for the $350 Billion media industry (±50/50 content & advertisement, iDATE). Currently, Bahlu is running in private beta with about 100 users in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. A private beta community is being set up in the US as well. These early communities are very enthusiastic: e.g. “I finally got my TV back” or “I can have breakfast with my children, now” or “I can see what I like, anytime, everywhere”. Until today, no one has returned the product. 
The ProblemSince the start of digital TV, channel navigation has become less intuitive, with a suite of complex remote controls to navigate through computer-like EPGs. The industry tries to adapt TV to the computer, instead of adapting internet to the TV experience. But people just want to watch what they want, where they want and when they want, through a simple relaxing living room experience. 
The SolutionRight Brain solves this problem by introducing an intuitive, relaxed, image based, social interface for discovering, timeshifting and watching television. Bahlu merges this new TV experience with a collaborative cloud DVR platform that allows consumers to timeshift their broadcast channels across platforms, discover and recommend episodes, rent VOD and watch internet video content. Right Brain does not sell advertising, neither does it allow the consumer to skip commercials nor watch illegally obtained content. In doing so, Right Brain respects its content and advertisement media partners."