Personal genomics: know thyself

With decreasing prices in whole genome sequencing, total self-knowledge comes within grasp. But how interpretable are our genes? Strings and strings of A, C, T and G don't give away their secrets easily. And does the information they reveal hold predictions for our future?

In this demo, research group ESAT-SCD-SISTA of the iMinds Future Health Department guides you through a world of genes, rare genetic disorders and genomics-over-the-counter - ánd shows you why personal genomics today is primarily an ICT challenge.

We show our data analysis software Annotate-It for finding and interpreting genome mutations. In collaboration with the Centre for Human Genetics of the University Hospitals Leuven, Annotate-It supported breakthrough findings in rare genetic disorders, such as the Nicolaides Baraitser Syndrome characterized by severe mental retardation. [Diagnostics-scale genomic data analysis software is available through our spin-off Cartagenia -]

In addition, we explore the promises of 'predictive' and 'preventive' genomics. How good are we at detecting or predicting whether we are more susceptible to developing diabetes, or at directing us towards the most effective drug for our condition? Could genomics data even be used to extend healthy life?


Contact: inge [dot] thijs [at] esat [dot] kuleuven [dot] be