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Game Origin

The basics of Ghendetta were entirely conceived and built in little under six hours at Apps For Ghent 2012. The city of Ghent made a lot of data publicly available in 2011 and 2012. In order to promote the use of this data, the city helped organize Apps For Ghent for the second time in 2012. We entered the competition under the moniker “Team iRail”. By the end of the day, we presented a working prototype of Ghendetta to a professional jury. We finished second, but we decided to continue developing the game because we really believed in its potential.

How do you play Ghendetta?

Simple. You log in with your foursquare account. There are four clans in the game: the #Hawks, the #Wolves, the #Panthers and the #Snakes. Check-ins on Foursquare will be displayed as Battles on your map. Only the last seven days count. So you can lose territory quickly. Be loyal to your clan and your Capo. Fight as many battles as possible. Try to keep your clan’s districts and try to take away districts of other clans by battling in their area. Finally, try to conquer the entire city. The Capo of a clan is the clan member with the highest score within that clan. Do you like some healthy competition? Then battle hard and try to become the next Capo.