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Expedition Explosive

Expedition Explosive is an exciting location based game for kids up to 12 years old.

At the ‘Mikhof’, a big recreational park in Brasschaat, terrorists have planted a time bomb. That’s the start of a race against the clock: you get 2 hours to find clues, track down the bomb and disarm it. Fortunately, there’s some assistance: a secret agent talks you through the adventure. Your smartphone is a high-tech tool: use it to reveal hidden clues, hack mail traffic, scan hidden objects or navigate through the park. Step by step, you learn more about how to disarm the bomb: what’s the secret code, and which wires have to be cut? But beware: make sure you track it down on time and cut the correct wires. Otherwise, the expedition will literally be ‘explosive’!

Expedition Explosive was developed for Tourism Province of Antwerp. It highlights the history of the ‘Antitankgracht’, a canal that was built in 1939 to stop an imminent German invasion.