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BruGTUG - Google Technology User Group

Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Bremen, Ankara, Paris, and Genk... Come see the difference creativity makes during the early stages of entrepreneurship. On display will be several winning Android apps from the V Hack Android hackathons, that recently took place all throughout Europe to celebrate Android's fifth birthday (coming on November 5th).

As the Google Technology User Group of Belgium, the BruGTUG's mission is to talk about inspiring technology. New tech releases - and not just from Google - be it on the Web, mobile devices, or elsewhere, have our attention. We hold informal meetings in English every month and discuss the technologies that we ourselves like to develop for, Android being a substantial part of that.

At these meetings, aimed at developers, designers and UX-experts, you can learn from conference talks, pick up new vibes, interact technically in hands-on sessions and consult your fellow experts. If you want to challenge our Android experts however, the best opportunity is to participate in one of our hackathons. We also never miss out on bringing you the suspense of Google I/O live right here in Brussels.

We feel our volunteer-run format is an important contribution to the Flemish ecosystem, because we help to rationalize events by explaining what led to them. That way, we expose (young) people to free choice and whatever openness and benefits many new technologies offer, and finally, we try to be an incubator fostering creative ideas that may lead to startups or other enterprises.

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