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Babble offers a fun and easy way of gaining basic reading and pronunciation skills in a large number of European languages making you a better citizen of the multilingual Europe.

Babble is an Android smartphone app. It works by showing you phrases ranging from essential tourist phrases to complex tongue twisters, and measures and monitors your performance in reading these phrases out loud. Under the hood it uses the technologies of speech-to-text and text-to-speech that are available via standard Android APIs. These are automatic technologies which have matured in recent years to the point where they can be already used to evaluate and guide human performance.

The core of Babble was developed in 48 hours during the V Hack Android Belgium hackathon in Genk by three Android enthusiasts (Maarten Huijsmans, Jo Simoens, Kaarel Kaljurand). Later more features have been added but the app remains a prototype.