Fail conference

In Flanders, bankruptcy can end your business career while in contrast failure is accepted in ‘the Valley’, as a consequence of risk taking. Entrepreneurs who fail gracefully will find themselves funded again. The US has proven to be more entrepreneurial than Europe in large part because it has embraced a culture of “failing forward” as a common tech-industry phrase puts it. The ticket price for this conference is 100 euro. Students are eligible for a free ticket. Please contact for more information.
  • Run to fail

    Lisa Pattyn, who's focussing on student entrepreneurship and internationalization within iMinds, runs (and falls) for the Fail Conference!

  • Nick Decrock loves playing with matches

    In this third preview movie of the Fail Conference, Nick Decrock compares being an entrepreneur to playing with matches. 

    And as we all know... playing with matches might get you burned. 

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  • Frank Bekkers has no fear of failing anymore

    In this second preview movie of the Fail Conference, Frank Bekkers talks about his experiences with failure. Ask him a question via @failcon12 and mention #askFrank!

  • David Feinleib starring in the first preview movie of the Fail Conference

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